An alternative to traditional interior design, our studio is focused on providing a personalized and efficient service, with meticulous attention paid to every detail.

Our specialist approach is to create creative forward thinking solutions to design briefs.


Rodrigo Izquierdo Design Studio sets out to offer an efficient professional service, specializing in the creation of concepts and the implementation of interior architecture design. Always with innovative ideas, the studio addresses the singularity of each project, proposing solutions that respond to the client’s interests and vision.

The Studio approaches each project as unique, proposing bespoke solutions for clients, based on the analysis and synthetism of the project.


Step 1 – LISTEN

Once we are engaged on a project, we start with recap of all the information, feelings, expectations, worries and wishes from the client, in order to generate the initial client’s vision.

  • face to face meeting
  • discuss current situation and understand client’s expectations
  • define the overall budget  and client deadlines
  • individuate collaborators involved in the project
  • create fee proposal




Step 2 – GOALS

After client’s conversation, we set the goals of the project with the translation of client’s brief and  ideas into a consistent vision. We create a systematic order of priorities and a definition of the projects milestones which will be developed later.

  • figure out of project milestones
  • create a hierarchy of priorities
  • establish the project boundaries
  • preliminary site
  • reference images boards and design direction




Step 3 – RESEARCH AND CONCEPT  (SD package)

Through the research of similar project typologies and a deep analysis on the roots of the briefing, we translate clients vision into one bespoke project.

  • mood board
  • general arrangement plan main elevations
  • 3d perspectives
  • material and finishing scheme




Step 4 –  DESIGN DEVELOPMENT (DD package)

Once the concept design has been shared, discussed and agreed with the client and after his positive feedback, we proceed with the project development.

  • floor plans, sections and elevations
  • reflected ceiling plans, finishes and detailed drawings
  • complete FF&E and material specifications
  • decorative lighting proposal
  • custom furniture proposal (if requested)
  • documents for tendering





The last step of our work is to make real the project. Through the construction site management and scheduled regular site appointments, we ensure the price and proposed design outcome meets the expectation of all parties.

  • regular site visits
  • communication management with contractor and client
  • suppliers management
  • budget control and review
  • time scheduling
  • styling
  • photoshooting


Rodrigo Izquierdo was born in Barcelona in 1979. He graduated with honors in Interior Design at “Eina, Escola d’Art i Disseny” in Barcelona in 2001 and started a collaboration at “Sandra Tarruella & Isabel Lopez Studio” in Barcelona ( 2001 -2003 ) following variety of Hospitality and Residences projects. Moved by his curiosity and passion to his work decides to move out to Italy to have other experiences that enrich his background.

On 2005 he arrives to Milan and starts working at Patricia Urquiola Studio, where he has been developing all kind of projects worldwide, both in hospitality, hotel, retail, scenography, and residential sectors, becoming creative supervisor of the Studio,  overseeing the interior design department.

He has carried out a freelance activity during these past years, as well, and in 2016 he finally decided to start his own practice, Rodrigo Izquierdo Design Studio, giving an answer to the client’s demands and expressing himself in his very own language.