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Who we are

About Rodrigo Izquierdo, with a vast experience in retail and hotel interior design, our philosophy focuses on tackling any scale, from interior and product design to graphic design. We customise each project, placing special emphasis on the selection of materials to enrich the client’s unique experience.

In our studio, creativity merges with functionality, innovation meets experience.

We have explored all scales, accumulating a wealth of experience that allows us to guarantee excellence and efficiency in every final result. We specialise in projects for retail, hotels, contract (hotels, resorts, restaurants) and holiday residential.

We are not afraid. We know exactly what each project needs and we face every challenge with determination and creativity. Seeking the perfect balance between aesthetics and efficiency.

Discover how we transform ideas into unique experiences. Innovation and customization converge to create projects that transcend expectations in our studio.

What we do

At Rodrigo Izquierdo, we don’t simply design spaces. We create unique experiences and interior design projects that transcend conventional boundaries. Immerse yourself in our passionate approach and discover how we transform ideas into amazing realities.

Efficiency and customisation:
Focused on efficiency, each project is meticulously studied to target exactly what we seek to achieve. From interior design to customised solutions. We excel at providing objective and exclusive answers. When Rodrigo is asked what he likes to do, his answer is clear: face the challenge of a brief, approach each project as a unique challenge and provide coherent responses to the client’s needs and budget.

Objectification of the subjective:
We seek the objectification of the subjective, giving order to each element of the project. Our goal is to offer the client a consolidated project with its brief. In this way, we achieve this through years of work and constant study of materials, techniques and trends. We are always up to date in order to offer the latest trends in each project.

Customised and complex projects:
We offer customised projects with significant baggage, covering diverse disciplines such as cladding, furniture and product design. From the distribution of spaces to the design of the door handle, we work on all scales of the project to provide comprehensive solutions.

Continuous Exploration of Materials:
We immerse ourselves in the continuous search for the use of materials, extracting their purest essence. Materiality” becomes our way to create balanced projects, without fear of experimenting with surfaces and colours. We create timeless yet contemporary projects, fusing innovation with the most authentic essence.

At Rodrigo Izquierdo, the constant search for excellence drives us to exceed expectations and create projects that last over time.


In parallel to interior design, our studio offers Creative Direction and Product Advisory services, providing comprehensive support to enhance the image and success of the companies, with a particular focus on those with a creative character. We act as Project Managers, ensuring that every detail reflects the creative vision and strengthens the identity of the company.

We also offer product design services. Currently, we are working on projects related to cladding and expanding our creative capacity in the design of furniture and decorative elements.

“Discover how our creative approach and our experience in creative direction can take your company to the next level.”

About Rodrigo


About Rodrigo Izquierdo, founder and creative leader, brings with him an exceptional background.

He graduated with honours in Interior Design at “Eina, Escola d’Art i Disseny” in Barcelona in 2001 and started a collaboration with “Sandra Tarruella & Isabel Lopez Studio” in Barcelona (2001 – 2003) followed by a variety of Hospitality and Residential projects. Moved by his curiosity and passion for his work he decided to move to Italy (2005 – present) to live other experiences to enrich his career.

He left Barcelona, after contributing to the growth of a leading studio, Estudio Patricia Urquiola, where he was in charge of the international creative supervision of projects in the area of architecture. The studio grew exponentially from 6 to 60 people. As international creative manager, Rodrigo immersed himself in the essence of each project. Acquiring an experience and know-how that gave him the ability to approach each project with confidence, offering personalisation and security at every stage of the process.

The richness of his experience was forged with major projects, including renowned hotel chains such as Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental and W Hotel, during his collaboration with Patricia Urquiola. The journey provided him with a global perspective and invaluable learning in the constant search for integral solutions.

His philosophy is based on the experience gained through constant adaptation, where every challenge becomes a learning opportunity. Rodrigo fears nothing and uses his vast experience to optimise each project, offering a complete and integral service.

About Rodrigo Izquierdo, a passionate and creative leader, puts all his experience into the hands of each project. He doesn’t just design spaces. He creates experiences that last.

About Rodrigo