Agüita Wine Club – Barcelona


The 70 m2 premises comprise a central volume leading through stone arches to annexed spaces, all with vaulted ceilings. The decision was made at the outset to keep these elements to highlight the authenticity of the space and make an unobtrusive transition from the old warehouse to this new “wine warehouse”. The aesthetic of the typical buildings in the historic El Born neighbourhood has also been respected, maintaining the stone floors, walls and ceiling, which have all been cleaned and restored.

The contemporary touch comes with the lighting and the bespoke furnishings that include glossy varnished finishes. The colour scheme combines different greens and blues, various shades of the waters referred to in the venue’s name: the central table is varnished in turquoise green, the chairs and stools are emerald green, and the curtains are moss green.

The counterpoint between the existing elements and the contemporary design features—between the matt surfaces of the walls and ceiling, and the glossy varnish of the fittings makes the outstanding characteristic of the project, as it creates a coherent atmosphere in relation to the new brand identity.

Among the furniture and fittings, the central table, the stools and the lamp are original designs by Rodrigo Izquierdo Studio for Agüita. The top of the table is made of rectangular tiles arranged in a geometric pattern, and the legs are formed by perforated mesh sheeting, which, depending on the angle it is viewed from, creates a moiré effect; the stools in the lounge area, with their industrial aesthetic and their varnished solid wood, are suggestive of bottle tops; and the lamp, made up of two symmetrical suspended elements and an alternating arrangement of spheres of light, evokes wine molecules.

Location: Barcelona, Spain 2017

Surface: 70

Customer: Agüita SL

Photography: Meritxell Arjalaguer