Apartment GMH – Milan


There is something metaphysical in the apartment designed by Rodrigo Izquierdo in Milan, so original, so rich in quotes, despite its studied linearity and geometry. His domestic spaces seem to have found the perfect balance between rigor and creativity, expressing his vision and philosophy.

“The building is in classic liberty style, with a stone facade and ornamental moldings framing the windows, balconies and the central gated entrance leading to the internal courtyard”, explains Rodrigo. “The apartment has a classic Milanese layout, comprising four main rooms, a kitchen and two bathrooms separated by a wide central entrance hall. Overlooking an identical building opposite, the main rooms are south facing and the kitchen, guest room and bathrooms face north overlooking the courtyard”.  An undoubtedly bourgeois and very functional living environment. The designer had the task (but above all the great pleasure) of personalizing it, finding in each room some creative pretext to create a surprise effect. Which, it must be said, never affects the tangible harmony of this space.”I would say the mood is both classic and modern, with a contemporary and elegant vibe. The high ceilings and walls are warm grey and framed with a graphic black base. This brings a bold graphic touch connecting all the rooms”. The architectural frame is a valuable one, and very well preserved. “Decorative period floor tiles, original honey colored parquet and architraves are juxtaposed with modern period furniture and various artworks collected over many years. A collective mood and patchwork of styles that reflect a personal style and aesthetic”.

Indeed, if there is one thing that the designer is keen to point out, it is that nothing of the furniture present is subject to a trend of the moment. On the contrary, the decoration and furnishings are the result of completely precise choices and objects collected by the clients in order  to have the original result.

Location: Milan , Italy 2021

Surface: 120 sqm

Client: Private

Photography: Laura Fantacuzzi,  Maxime Galati-Fourcade

Styling: Giulia Taglialatela

Text : Marzia Nicolini