Apartment RHM – Milan


The context is the most classic imaginable: an early 20th century building in the historic centre of Milan. Three different apartments to be combined and completely reinvented with a total floor space of almost 400 square meters. The goal was to reconfigure the floor plan so that it respected the existing aesthetic canons; The scope to create a new composition of spaces that appeared as the original floor plan, interconnecting effortlessly according to a style as much as possible in line with that of the building.

A total renovation: the kitchen had to be connected to the terrace, the living room doubled, taking care to restore the beautiful glass doors, the floors to be redone. By overturning the plan, it was natural to add a fireplace in the living area.

The owners of this apartment had clear ideas: «They asked me for colour, colour, colour to which I responded in my own way: I chose my preferred saturated tones and combined them to create harmony». The starting point was Blue – The sugar paper blue chosen for the walls of the dining room, the deep hue of the Bramante sideboard by Cassina and the plush velvet sofas. «And then we continued consistently: dark green, purple, magenta and so on». But there was another challenge: To make sense of the various rich shades to achieve a feeling of coherence. «I wanted to propose colours that weren’t simply decorative, they had to become an integral part of the project. When the various tones neutralise each other, it means that you have done a good job».

Location: Milan , Italy 2022

Surface: 400 sqm

Client: Private

Collaborators: Claudia Brunelli

Photography: Valentina Sommariva

Styling: Giulia Taglialatela

Text: Paola Menaldo