Can Ressol – Ibiza


Inspired by the works of Sert Obroner and Jon Udson, the house designed by Rodrigo Izquierdo Design Studio is a hymn to style vernacular in a Mediterranean context.

Nestled in a pristine pine forest of the hinterland near Santa Ghertrudis, the designer reinterprets a rural housing unit of the 80s, enriching it and reorganising the spaces with essential materials such as: compacted stone, rough concrete, frissé Tanganyika wood paneling, Ibizan white marble and lime stucco for the walls.

It can be said the weakest point could have been the exposed northern façade but with the architectural intervention has now become its strength. The different plays of light and shadows created in the spaces of the house simulate the rays of the sun that are naturally created in the pine forest.

The continuous light that filters through the canopies of the trees has made it possible to create a thick and varied undergrowth of plants of the Mediterranean scrub, thanks to the intervention of the celebrated landscape agronomist Flavio Pollano, who oversaw the landscape of the grounds.

 A real hidden and unexpected paradise.

Location: Ibiza , Spain 2022

Surface: 120 sqm

Client: Private

Collaborators: Claudia Brunelli

Photography: Valentina Sommariva

Styling: Giulia Taglialatela