Cookies Policy


What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer while you browse the Internet. They allow you to collect information about your browsing and can even recognize your computer or device, even if you change your location or IP address.

They must be installed while browsing some web pages and allow us to know your activity both on the website from which they are installed and on other pages with which it is related. As examples of the information they store, we can mention both the place and the device from which it is accessed, the connection time, the operating system or the pages most visited by the user.

User consent

The website (hereinafter, the “Website”) uses them to collect information about the use of the Website by users and to offer you our services and improve your browsing experience.

By using and browsing the Website, you accept and consent that P.R. DESIGN STUDIO SRL (hereinafter, Rodrigo Izquierdo Design Studio), with VAT IT 10078850962 and address at Via Plinio 42, 20129 Milan, stores cookies on your computer or device. electronic with the aforementioned purposes.

The Website is accessible without the need for you to accept them, although deactivating them may hinder the use of some of the Website’s functionalities.

Types of cookies used on the Web

We put at your disposal a table with the types of cookies inserted both by Rodrigo Izquierdo Design Studio and by third parties on the Website, with the aim of providing you with information about their purpose, their duration and information on whether they are your own or that of a third party.

Persistent ones will remain on your device until their expiration date reaches, at which point they will be automatically deleted.

The types of cookies inserted on the Web are the following:

  • Name: WordPress_logged_in.
  • Purpose: Login reminder for the user. It only appears if you are logged in.
  • Own/Third parties: Own.
  • Duration: Session.


  • Name: _ga.
  • Purpose: Statistical control of the website.
  • Own/Third Party: third parties (Google Inc.).
  • Duration: Persistent.


  • Name: Facebook cookie set.
  • Purpose: Integration of Facebook on the website, validation of registered user.
  • Own/Third Party: third parties (Facebook Inc.)
  • Duration: Persistent.


  • Name: YouTube Cookie Set.
  • Purpose: Integration of YouTube on the web, video viewing management, registered user validation.
  • Own/Third Party: third parties (Google Inc.).
  • Duration: Persistent.


How to control them?

You can allow, view, block or delete those already installed on your computer or device by us or by third parties by configuring your browser options. We put at your disposal the following links, where you can obtain information on how to do it:

Modifications to the Cookies Policy

Rodrigo Izquierdo Design Studio reserves the right to modify the Cookie Policy at any time. Therefore, we ask that you periodically consult this Policy to stay informed.


If you use another web browser, you can obtain more information about how to configure the installation through the help or support section of your browser. If you need help configuring them, do not hesitate to contact Rodrigo Izquierdo Design Studio via email

For more information you can consult it on our Legal Notice page.