Interior design Ibiza

Hub of Professionals in Ibiza

Rodrigo Izquierdo Design Studio offers a HUB of professionals in Ibiza that includes architects, technicians and construction companies. This local network allows us to provide comprehensive solutions to projects of any scale. Guaranteeing an approach adapted to the unique essence of the island.

Exploring since 2008

With a track record enriched by significant collaborations. Urquiola’s experience with Urquiola has encompassed notable residential projects, most notably the integral design of the “Heart”. Project in collaboration with Cirque du Soleil and visionaries Ferran and Albert Adrià.

On a personal level, Rodrigo’s connection to Ibiza has materialised over the years. In 2008, he immersed himself in the creation of various villas and getaway projects. Later he started a collaboration with the renowned brand Charo Ruiz . Managing the conceptualization and interior design for their new shops in Ibiza and Spain.

In 2018 he gave life to Can Ressol , a personal project that goes beyond the architectural. This space is not just a residence. It is an expression of his unique interpretation of the island, capturing its essence in an authentic and meaningful way.

From creating exclusive villas to collaborating with renowned brands and building personal projects such as Can Resol. The commitment to Ibiza translates into a holistic approach, fusing the island’s aesthetics and local identity into each project. Discover how we transform spaces into unique experiences, connecting the essence of the island with creative vision.