Interior design Ibiza

Ibiza: between design and nature, an endless love story

Rodrigo Izquierdo Design Studio boasts a solid HUB of professionals on the island of Ibiza, including architects, technicians and constructions companies. Rodrigo Izquierdo has always cultivated a personal relationship of love and inspiration with the Ibizan land, which he has transformed over the years into a working and collaborative relationship.

Continuously evolving from 2008 to today

A path born with Patricia Urquiola with important residential projects, such as the “Heart” project in collaboration with Cirque du Soleil and the visionaries Ferran and Albert Adrià. Then in 2008 in the construction of villas, conceived as true “luxury refuges” and in retail projects, such as the one in collaboration with the Charo Ruiz brand, of which he is responsible for the interior design of all the shops in Ibiza and showrooms worldwide.

In 2018 he created Can Ressol, a personal project that goes beyond architecture; this space is not just a residence but an expression of his unique interpretation of the island, capturing its essence in an authentic and meaningful way.

The commitment in Ibiza lies in a global approach that merges aesthetics and local identity, generating a philosophy defined unique and timeless.